Severe weather wreaks havoc in the Southeast

Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 9:43 PM EDT
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(CNN) - The Southeast cannot catch a break from severe weather as another severe outbreak hit Tuesday with more severe weather on Wednesday. Some states are still recovering from Tuesday’s deadly thunderstorms and tornadoes only to have the potential for more Wednesday.

Near Savannah, Georgia, there was a tornado caught on camera as severe thunderstorms turned deadly. Three hours inland, there is more destruction. A hundred miles east of Dallas in Whitehouse, Texas, a trailer park was leveled by severe weather.

“We ran straight to the bathroom. As soon as I got to the kitchen, the tree came through the house about six inches from me,” said Thomas Knight, a survivor in Whitehouse.

“It raised the trailer up a couple of feet and blocked us in. We had to have the fire department come cut things out so we could get out,” said Ron Roan, another survivor in Whitehouse.

The National Weather Service said the destruction in the trailer park is from a downburst of winds up to 100 mph. Local officials said a 71-year-old man is dead after a tree fell on his mobile home there.

“Great guy. He was a cowboy and anytime you needed help he would help you. He was the best neighbor you could ask for. We’ll miss him,” said Gary Richey, another survivior in Whitehouse.

Closer to Dallas, four people are lucky to be alive after a flash flood. Lawmakers in South Carolina had to take cover during a tornado warning Tuesday. The town of Allendalle, South Carolina, 70 miles south of the state capital Columbia, people are coping with this damage. More dangerous weather is happening in the South Wednesday.

This is all happening the same week as the Master’s Tournament as Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas at the center of the storm Wednesday.

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