How can you decrease your chance of getting tree damage from a storm?

Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 10:42 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - Tuesday’s severe weather toppled numerous trees in the Fishersville and Waynesboro area with a few trees landing on homes.

Leftover damage from a tree falling on a house on Bader Ave in Waynesboro.
Leftover damage from a tree falling on a house on Bader Ave in Waynesboro.(WHSV)

So how can you reduce the chances of having a tree on your property cause major structural damage?

“The best thing to do is if you have a limb or anything going out on the top of a roof or a powerline, or any kind of structure or anything is to make sure that limb is off the sides of the tree,” said Howard Ewing, owner, and operator of H&C Tree Service in Waynesboro.

It’s not hard to point out trees that could cause trouble, there are plenty around that can.

“There’s a limb over top of that vehicle over there... it shouldn’t be there I mean you should trim that stuff off. Anything that’s hanging over like that because the wind can catch it, and just tear it apart,” said Ewing.

Ewing said even dead trees that are not near a structure may need to be taken down.

“You can tell with the bark coming off of it, the tree is completely dead. There are bugs inside of it that if you don’t cut it down soon enough, those bugs are going to travel to the other tree and eat the tree up, and then you’re just going to have more problems,” said Ewing.

Tree removal can be expensive. There is one thing you can do to at least lower the costs of tree removal services.

“Just trim it up. I mean you know it would be easier because you can get a lift in there depending on where it’s at. Take a 60-foot lift in there, put it up there and just lower the limbs down a little bit around the roof and stuff instead of cutting it down but it’s still going to be about half of what it does to cut them completely down,” said Ewing.

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