Dr. Taison Bell leaves special remarks and impact on 2022 graduates

Doctor Taison Bell is an expert when it comes to COVID-19.
Doctor Taison Bell is an expert when it comes to COVID-19.
Published: May. 22, 2022 at 8:16 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Doctor Taison Bell is an expert when it comes to COVID-19. He’s also a graduate of the University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences, an assistant professor and he has an MBA from the Darden School of Business.

Now he’s added final exercises keynote speaker to his list of accomplishments.

“His experiences are applicable to so many people here and he’s loved by all and so I feel like he can speak to kind of the universal experience at UVA,” UVA School of Medicine graduate Tiana Walker said.

Dr. Bell is Walker’s personal mentor.

“It was a great chance to see a Black man in medicine, especially in a leadership role, and knowing that we had someone who that we could go to,” Walker said.

Dr. Bell’s main advice and speech centered around how the physiology he teaches in the ICU relates to the journey of life.

“If you want to have sustained flow, don’t let the pressure get to the breaking point. Give yourself some grace, ease up and rest when you need to,” Bell said.

After Final Exercises Walker is heading to Massachusetts General Hospital — the same school Bell went to before he became a leader in tackling COVID-19 with UVA Health.

“I have no doubt that there are people in our community, in our commonwealth, who are alive today because of what happened here. That’s the power of collaboration and diversity. When people with different skill sets and points of view come together, the unimaginable can happen,” Bell said.

Bell has been in the students’ shoes before, he’s even sat in their seats.

“There’s this increasing amount of pressure to be perfect in everything that we do. And when you feel like you don’t measure up, it’s hard to realize your value,” Bell said.

Sunday, his efforts during the pandemic, and ties to the university were honored, as he had the chance to be the University’s keynote speaker. Students say he’s inspiring people who could one day have a similar role and impact as him.

“It made me realize what was possible in my career. He wears so many hats within the school of medicine, and so I just really can’t wait to kind of step into that,” Walker said.

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