Rockingham County Board of Supervisors considers application for Keezletown private school

A Keezletown property where an Alexandria man hopes to build a small private school.
A Keezletown property where an Alexandria man hopes to build a small private school.(WHSV)
Published: May. 25, 2022 at 8:44 PM EDT
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KEEZLETOWN, Va. (WHSV) - The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors is set to meet on Wednesday night. Supervisors will go over a number of items including the potential creation of a small private school in Keezletown.

Eric Mckee of Alexandria is requesting a special use permit to build a small private school in Keezletown on a property off of Mountain Valley Road near the intersection with Beulah Road.

“This gentleman and perhaps his family are interested in using a property that is located out near Mountain Valley Road for a private school with a designated amount of students with I believe a focus on outdoor education,” said Sallie Wolfe-Garrison, chair of the board of supervisors.

Wolfe-Garrison said that the board would have to consider a number of items before deciding to approve or deny the special use permit.

“Things that will have to be considered as part of his application for that special use permit are the availability of associated water and sewer needs, traffic issues, and what types of projects he’s looking to do there,” said Wolfe-Garrison.

The meeting will also include a public hearing on VDOT’s six-year improvement plan for the county and a meeting of the Lake Shenandoah Stormwater Authority to discuss some changes to the timeline for the construction of a stormwater project.

Supervisors are considering canceling the bidding invitation for the construction of the Lake Shenandoah Drainage Basin after receiving just one bid. The county is hoping to get an extension on Grant funding for the project from FEMA to get a better construction price.

Supervisors will also consider two amendments to county ordinances one to its solar ordinance and the other to its zoning ordinance.

The zoning amendment would allow a logical extension of the proposed zoning district when located outside of an urban growth area.

“We have specific areas that are designated as anticipated growth from a residential or commercial growth area. So sometimes there are little parcels of land that would make sense but are not necessarily in that specific area,” said Wolfe-Garrison.

“But because of its location, because of its current use and designated spaces all around it, it makes sense to allow that small space to be zoned in an area that is consistent with the area around it.”

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