Cubbage vs. Cubbage: Page County Sheriff race set to be a family affair

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 6:15 PM EDT
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LURAY, Va. (WHSV) - Stanley Police Captain Aaron Cubbage announced his candidacy for Sheriff in Page County in 2023 on Thursday, setting up a unique race as he challenges his cousin, incumbent Sheriff Chad Cubbage.

Aaron Cubbage spent 17 years with the Page County Sheriff’s Office before spending the last three with the Stanley Police Department. He is a graduate of the Virginia Forensic Science Academy, has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and is working on a Ph.D. in criminal justice.

“If I’m elected sheriff the focus of our sheriff’s office will be serving our community and the second part will be with efficiency. We want to build relationships with the public, our community leaders, and the sheriff’s office itself, bringing teamwork together,” said Cubbage.

Cubbage said he has learned a lot in his nearly 20 years in law enforcement and hopes to bring it to the office of sheriff.

“Anytime that you can learn on the job and receive education through academia and first-hand experience it’s always a benefit. I think of where I started at 24 years of age and where I’m at now at 44, I’ve learned so much and we’re always learning. It’s that pursuit of learning and trying to hone in your craft,” he said.

Cubbage said that one of the biggest issues facing Page County is its drug problem.

“I think it’s important for law enforcement to address that at the front end and also the back end. Obviously, our job is for public safety and to make sure the community is safe so we have to make those arrests but at the back end, I think there is more that we can do to help facilitate recovery for victims of substance abuse,” he said.

Cubbage said he is passionate about serving the community and addressing Page County’s problems in an efficient manner.

“We need to have a tailored effort with how we address our problems in Page County because a lot of the problems we have are unique to us even though they’re spread out nationally. So we need to find out what we can do as a community and what we can afford with the assets we have,” he said.

Incumbent Sheriff Chad Cubbage said while he has yet to make a formal announcement, he absolutely intends to seek a third term as Sheriff in 2023. He said he is proud of the things his administration has accomplished over the last seven years.

“We have received seven perfect 100 percent from the DOC for our Page County Jail. We have implemented the drug court program here in Page County, the first ever, we have implemented the Jail MAT Re-Entry program,” said Sheriff Cubbage.

Sheriff Cubbage said if reelected, he has several top priorities, including two issues his department is currently working on.

“We need to continue to address the drug problem that we face and here in Page County we have a jail that was built to hold 26 inmates so we need to continue to address the overcrowding issues that we face there as well,” he said.

Sheriff Cubbage said that he has been honored to serve as Page County’s Sheriff and that he will continue to work diligently to maintain the trust of the county’s citizens and show that their tax dollars are being spent wisely.

“If they choose to reelect me I will continue to give them the very best that I can possibly give them. I will always be accessible to the citizens of Page County and accountable to the citizens of Page County,” he said.

Sharing the same sentiment, Aaron Cubbage said that he and his team will always make sure they are available to the county’s citizens if he is elected.

“We want people to know that they can approach us with questions, with concerns. It happens a lot now anyway, but we want people to know that no matter where you come from, your background, what you do for a living we want you to know that you can sit down and talk with us and my door is always gonna be open,” said Aaron Cubbage.

So far the two cousins are the only candidates to announce their intention to run for Sheriff in Page County. Neither chose to go into the nature of their personal relationship with one another.

Sheriff Chad Cubbage gave the full statement below to WHSV regarding his intention to seek reelection:

I absolutely intend to seek reelection in 2023 as the Republican candidate for Sheriff of Page County. In the past seven years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving the Citizens of Page County as their Sheriff.

During my tenure, we have worked diligently at providing and improving the professional law enforcement services to our community. I hope to continue to serve and lead a team of incredible men and women who serve selflessly.

Some of the most notable achievements under my administration are:

  • Seven perfect inspections from the Department of Corrections for the Page County Jail
  • Implementation of the Drug Interdiction Program
  • Implementation of the Jail MAT Re-Entry Program
  • Joint partnership with Page County for the first ever drug court
  • Sheriff’s Youth Summer Camp
  • Securing multiple grants

We are currently working to address the jail overcrowding issue that we have faced for decades. We are also working at having resource officers in every school in Page County.

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