Travel softball team in Grottoes gives back to the town

Taking the town by “Storm.”
Published: Aug. 20, 2022 at 6:48 PM EDT
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GROTTOES, Va. (WHSV) - Taking the town by “Storm.”

The Storm softball team in Grottoes participated in town cleanup day Saturday morning.

“I knew that we wanted to do something like to help this town that helps us get better and go in our college careers and helps our future,” Taelor Ware, a member of the Storm softball team said.

This team has been putting in the work on and off the field.

“We’re just going around cleaning up the town. It’s our way of giving back and just showing appreciation. It’s their way of supporting us, so we feel like more of a community,” Sierra Custer, another member the Storm softball team said.

Saturday morning, the team split off into groups to pick up trash and debris across the town of Grottoes.

“We’ve played on that field down there at the Caverns since we were like eight, so we’ve been playing there a lot and rebuilding it. We knew that we wanted to give back to the community that let us practice on that field,” Ware said.

One parent said these girls grew up on the field in Grottoes together, and as they part ways going to different high schools, and soon colleges, this is a place that brings them back together.

“It brings us together. I guess more of a teamwork kind of thing and then our community supports us when we go off to college,” Custer said.

Coach Tina Custer said the Valley is like a hidden gem of softball players, so having the town support the girls on their journey to play collegiate ball is important.

“There was a guy that thanked us on the street like it feels really good to give back to what gives to us,” Ware said.

The girls said this was a good team bonding experience, and they plan to continue hitting it out of the park with more community events in the future.