Voting in the Valley: Early in-person voting begins Friday, Sept. 23

Voting in the Valley.
Voting in the Valley.(WHSV)
Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 9:05 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - In-person voting for the November general election begins Friday, Sept. 23 and continues through Saturday, Nov. 5.

To vote early in-person, registered voters should go to the general registrar’s office for the jurisdiction in which they are registered, present their ID and cast a ballot. You can find the location of your general registrar’s office here.

In the Friendly City, voters will head to City Hall to cast their early ballots. Mark Finks, Harrisonburg’s Director of Elections, said over 60 people stopped by to vote on Friday, which is more than was expected on the first day.

“The total turnout of what we expect for this election is along the lines of 25-35% of voters that will either vote early in-person here at City Hall or by mail,” Finks said.

Early in-person voting will also be held each of the two Saturdays before Election Day.

Absentee ballots will be mailed beginning Sept. 23 to military and overseas voters as well as anyone who has applied to receive one. Any registered voter can request an absentee ballot either in-person, by mail, online, or by contacting your general registrar’s office.

Registered voters do not need a reason to request an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots can be dropped off at the general registrar’s office or polling location on Election Day. Any voter mailing an absentee ballot must have it postmarked no later than Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Who is on the ballot?

House of Representatives: District 6

• Rep. Ben L. Cline, Republican

• Jennifer Lynn Lewis, Democratic

Augusta County

• School Board: Michael J. “Mike” Lawson, Independent

• School Board: Stephen P. Troxell, Independent

• Craigsville Town Council: Joseph S. Colvin, Sr., Independent

• Craigsville Town Council, Richard Lee Fox, Independent

• Craigsville Town Council, Veronica L. Moran, Independent

• Grottoes Town Council, David L. Raynes, Independent

• Grottoes Town Council, James C. “Jim” Justis, Independent

• Grottoes Town Council, Joshua K. Bailey, Independent

City of Harrisonburg

• City Council: Dany Fleming, Democratic

• City Council: Monica L. Robinson, Democratic

• City Council: Marshall F. Orenic, Independent

• City Council: Rick W. Nagel, Independent

• City Council (Special): Christopher B. Jones, Democratic

• School Board: Andrew “Andy” I. Kohen, Independent

• School Board: Corin Jackson, Independent

• School Board: Emma Phillips, Independent

• School Board: Kristen C. Loflin, Independent

• School Board: Obie P. Hill, Independent

Page County

• Commonwealth’s Attorney: Bryan Moss Cave, Republican

• Mayor - Shenandoah: Clinton O. Lucas, Jr., Independent

• Luray Town Council: J. “Alex” White, III, Independent

• Luray Town Council: Jeremy B. Hilliard, Independent

• Luray Town Council: Ronald C. Vickers, Independent

• Luray Town Council: Stephanie L. Lillard, Independent

• Shenandoah Town Council: Brenda T. Haggett, Independent

• Shenandoah Town Council: Denise R. Meadows, Independent

• Shenandoah Town Council: Lynn E. Fox, Independent

• Shenandoah Town Council: William L. Kite, Independent

• Stanley Town Council: Bruce W. Stoneberger, Independent

• Stanley Town Council: Douglas L. Purdham, Independent

• Stanley Town Council: Duane E. Layman, Independent

Rockingham County

• Mayor - Bridgewater: Theodore W. “Ted” Flory, Independent

• Mayor - Dayton: Cary A. Jackson, Independent

• Mayor - Elkton: Joshua J. Gooden, Independent

• Mayor - Elkton: Wayne E. Printz, Independent

• Mayor - Mt. Crawford: James Neal Dillard Jr., Independent

• Mayor - Timberville: Don P. Delaughter Jr., Independent

• Bridgewater Town Council: A. Fontaine Canada, Independent

• Bridgewater Town Council: James M. “Jim” Tongue, Independent

• Bridgewater Town Council: Stephanie L. Curtis, Independent

• Dayton Town Council: Melody M. Pannell, Independent

• Dayton Town Council: Susan N. Mathias, Independent

• Elkton Town Council: Claud R. Dean Jr., Independent

• Elkton Town Council: David S. Smith, Independent

• Elkton Town Council: Jay T. Dean, Independent

• Elkton Town Council: Margaretta Dean Isom, Independent

• Elkton Town Council: Michael Scott Eppard, Independent

• Elkton Town Council: Phillip “Rick” Workman, Independent

• Elkton Town Council: Randell L. Snow, Independent

• Elkton Town Council (Special): Nick C. Campbell, Independent

• Elkton Town Council (Special): Rachel C. Michael, Independent

• Elkton Town Council: Virginia H. Fulginiti, Independent

• Grottoes Town Council: David L. Raynes, Independent

• Grottoes Town Council: James C. “Jim” Justis, Independent

• Grottoes Town Council: Joshua K. Bailey, Independent

• Mt. Crawford Town Council: Alfred L. Cook, Independent

• Mt. Crawford Town Council: Robert E. “Bobby” Taylor, Independent

• Mt. Crawford Town Council: Tasha L. Hoover, Independent

• Mt. Crawford Town Council: Toni B. Ray, Independent

• Timberville Town Council: Sarah C. Berry, Independent

• Timberville Town Council: Sharon M. Jones, Independent

Shenandoah County

• Mayor - Edinburg: Daniel J. Harshman, Independent

• Mayor - Mt. Jackson: Donald I. “Donnie” Pifer, Independent

• Mayor - Woodstock: Jeremy D. Mccleary, Independent

• Mt. Jackson Town Council: Bonnie C. Good, Independent

• Mt. Jackson Town Council: Judy L. Fultz, Independent

• Mt. Jackson Town Council: W. Todd Holtzman, Independent

• Edinburg Town Council: Bradley M. Dellinger, Independent

• Edinburg Town Council: Fay Miller Wymer-Hollar, Independent

• Edinburg Town Council: Steven D. Wood, Independent

• Edinburg Town Council: Steven W. Crisman, Independent

• Edinburg Town Council: Clyde S. Beachy, Independent

• Edinburg Town Council: Joan M. Reistetter, Independent

• New Market Town Council: Daryl Myron Watkins, Independent

• New Market Town Council: Janice M. Hannah, Independent

• New Market Town Council: Peggy L. Harkness, Independent

• Strasburg Town Council: Ashleigh A. Kimmons, Independent

• Strasburg Town Council: Andrew C. Lowder, Independent

• Strasburg Town Council: Emily L. Reynolds, Independent

• Strasburg Town Council: H. Brad Stover, Independent

• Strasburg Town Council: Taralyn F. Nicholson, Independent

• Strasburg Town Council: A. D. Carter, IV, Independent

• Woodstock Town Council: A. Paje Cross, Independent

• Woodstock Town Council: Frank H. Haun, Independent

• Woodstock Town Council: Stephen D. Heishman, Independent

City of Staunton

• City Council: Alice L. Woods, Independent

• City Council: Brad D. Arrowood, Independent

• City Council: Erik D. Curren, Independent

• City Council: Michele D. Edwards, Independent

• City Council: Ted W. Lawhorn, Independent

• City Council: Yvonne R. Wilson, Independent

• School Board: Fontella L. Brown-Bundy, Independent

• School Board: John T. Wilson, Independent

• School Board: Kristin M. Siegel, Independent

• School Board: Lisa Blackburn Hatter, Independent

• School Board: Stephanie E. Mason, Independent

City of Waynesboro

• City Council: James F. “Jim” Wood, Republican

• City Council: Jeremy D. Sloat, Republican

• City Council: Kenneth “Kenny” Lee, Sr., Independent

• City Council: Samuel A. Hostetter, Independent

• School Board: Amber L. Lipscomb, Independent

• School Board: Debra M. Freeman-Belle, Independent

• School Board: Kathryn E. Maneval, Independent

This information was compiled from the Virginia Department of Elections website. For more information, click here.