Gas prices skyrocketing in parts of the U.S.

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:28 PM EDT
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(WHSV) - Gas prices have been going down since the beginning of summer when the nation saw record-high gas prices. Some areas, though, are starting to see prices rapidly increase again.

California, which has the most expensive gas in the U.S., has an average price for a regular gallon of gas at $6.43 as of Wednesday. This is one cent away from tying its all-time record of $6.44 set back in June.

While some regions of the country have seen price hikes, others have continued to see a decline or have had prices stabilize. Virginia and West Virginia have not seen price hikes over the last few weeks.

“Out in California, a lot of the refineries are doing some maintenance and changing over. That has meant a tighter supply there in California. The Upper Midwest had a fire at one of their refineries in Toledo, Ohio. That refinery shut down, and could be shut down for a while,” said Morgan Dean of AAA Mid-Atlantic.

In our area, we mainly get our gas from the Gulf of Mexico. Dean said the biggest threat right now to the refineries from the Gulf of Mexico are hurricanes, as this would spike gas prices in our region. Other price hikes would likely come at a national level.