“Long COVID” threat strikes fear into many

Long COVID has a substantial impact on those it impacts.
Published: Oct. 21, 2022 at 5:21 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - After a COVID-19 infection, many people report ongoing symptoms for weeks or even months.

The phenomenon has been coined “Long COVID” by researchers. Symptoms may range in severity, and common symptoms include cough, fatigue, brain fog or a wide range of other symptoms. For it to be considered Long COVID, symptoms would persist for four or more weeks.

Dr. Lisa Thanjan with the Virginia Department of Health said there are many studies going about Long COVID, but right now, information is limited.

Long COVID has a substantial impact on those it impacts. According to a CDC Survey, more than 30% of patients who were hospitalized with COVID experienced symptoms for six months or longer.

The cause of Long COVID is still unknown, Thanjan said. It might be inflammation or an immune response.

“Different things could be happening to different patients that are causing their specific symptoms. There’s no specific test for Long COVID, and there’s no specific treatment for long COVID,” said Thanjan.

The fear of Long COVID remains persistent even as COVID guidelines relax.

“For many people, they’re not necessarily concerned about getting a COVID-19 infection. A lot of people are still concerned about Long COVID and the possibility of having these long-term effects,” said Thanjan.

Since there’s not treatment, the best thing to do is try to prevent it. Long COVID often follows serious illness, so try to prevent severe COVID-19. The best tool for that is vaccination, Thanjan said.

If you are struck with Long COVID, work with your doctor to treat the symptoms.