Diesel prices staying high despite regular gas falling

Regular gas prices are dropping quickly, but not diesel
Regular gas prices are dropping quickly, but not diesel(WHSV)
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 7:26 PM EST
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(WHSV) - Gas prices may have dropped a significant amount but for diesel, that is a different story. The price of diesel has also gone down, but at a much slower pace.

This means the average person is paying less for gas but people using commercial vehicles are not as available diesel supply is low due to the fallout of the pandemic.

The national average for regular gas is only up 8 cents versus a year ago today. Diesel though is 1 dollar and 51 cents higher than this point last year. Morgan Dean from AAA Mid-Atlantic said the price for diesel still affects everyone as high diesel prices are one of the reasons we are dealing with inflation.

“When it comes to a lot of things, that diesel price really affects our budget. While we are paying a lot less to fill up our little sedan, the items that we are buying from the store... those goods that have been delivered to that store are likely costing a good bit more,” said Dean.

Dean said regular gas and diesel don’t necessarily correlate. Regular gas is beginning to get more on track in terms of production but diesel is not there yet.

Dean said one factor in diesel prices will be the colder weather. The oils used in gas heating are very similar to diesel. The colder it gets, the more gas heating is used meaning less available diesel on the market.