Sentara Community Impact: Adagio House

Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 9:03 AM EST
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - “Everyone is human, everyone is going to have bad moments, bad days but the more we are doing well the better care we can offer care to other people,” April Hepler explained

Adagio House was founded in 2018, since then they have provided support through counseling, education, advocacy and much more for 400 individuals facing a disability or caring for a disabled loved one.

“When we offer support to the caregiver they can do better and offer support to their loved ones, allow them to be resilient and feel like they have enough to give,” Hepler explained.

Hepler is the founder and executive director of the organization.

The organization has operated out of their Harrisonburg office since 2020. To help increase safe entrances and space on the property, Adagio House was awarded $20,000 as a Sentara Cares Fall grant recipient.

“When we came into this building the ramp that we have was functional but it only has one railing. It is fairly narrow. I have a board member who uses a wheel chair and she said, ‘you better be happy I’m a good driver.’ The drop is about 18 inches,” Hepler explained.

Having adequate access to ramps, railings and motorized doors is imperative for the nonprofit’s clients. Hepler says they will use the new funding to increase wheelchair access with two ramps and better safety around the building by installing fencing around the facility.

“We have some clients who love to be outside but they tend to be runners so they just take off. We have had some clients that can’t be safe outside. We need a fence to keep people safe. We are surrounded by parking lots and a fairly busy road on Chicago Avenue. We just want to be able to make sure everyone can access the building safely and be outside safely as well,” she said.

They hope to get started on the project very soon. For Hepler, this work is personal having become a caregiver herself when her son was born 16 years ago.

“If we are what people need and what they are looking for, I feel incredibly honored to be able to offer that space for people to feel safe here. I hope that we become a place that people trust,” she said.

Adagio House recently started offering occupational therapy.

If you are in need of any of their services, visit

There are a number of payment options from insurance to a sliding scale. If you would just like to support their efforts you can donate online. They are also looking for volunteers and those trained for respite care.