Waynesboro City Council approves budget calendar; hears public comment on homelessness in the city

Waynesboro city council gets rolling on budget schedule; hears from residents about housing...
Waynesboro city council gets rolling on budget schedule; hears from residents about housing concerns(WHSV)
Published: Feb. 13, 2023 at 11:42 PM EST
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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) - Property assessments went out to Waynesboro residents last week.

City Manager, Michael Hamp, said in a press release that property values in Waynesboro have increased an average of 29.5 % since the last property assessment was done.

In the release, Hamp said city council will be considering the assessments when adopting the city’s budget this year.

Monday night the schedule for the budget process was adopted.

”We are adopting this a little bit later than normal we do have two new council folks usually we would’ve done this in October because elections were held in May but elections were held in November so we held in until after we could confirm the city council retreat,” Cameron McCormick, director of finance for Waynesboro said.

Hamp encouraged residents to follow the city’s budget process and attend public hearings on the budget.

The first public hearing will be Monday, April 24.

Monday night’s city council meeting was the first meeting held since those living in the encampment were asked to leave. Multiple people got up to voice their concerns about the housing problems impacting those in Waynesboro.

“It’s time to look in the mirror for every one of us and say what can I do combat homelessness in this city? It’s everywhere it’s not just in Tent City,” Frankie Hollinsowrth, Waynesboro resident said.

Multiple people got up to speak about the resources needed for those experiencing homelessness in Waynesboro, including more housing.

“I ask that the city seek out the partnership with developers and local citizens to address and create in substantive ways the issue of affordability and acceptability when it comes to housing in the city of Waynesboro,” AJ Young, Waynesboro resident said.

Waynesboro City staff did address the homelessness issue before public comment began at Monday’s meeting.

“In recent years and especially during the pandemic financial support from the city has increased significantly over the last three years the city has provided financial support to agencies and programs,” a staff member said.

Waynesboro mayor Lana Williams began tonight’s council meeting by thanking all of the organizations and services that help those experiencing homelessness in the city of Waynesboro.