Giving Words receives largest donation ever from CMA’s Valley Subaru

Published: Apr. 19, 2023 at 11:50 PM EDT
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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - Giving Words of Virginia received its largest donation ever, according to Executive Director Eddie Brown, from CMA’s Valley Subaru in Staunton’s 15th annual Share the Love event.

A check for $27 thousand was presented to Brown on Wednesday. He said the money will be used to help expand their services regionally.

Giving Words is a nonprofit organization that helps single mothers overcome the hurdle of transportation. Brown said his personal experience as a single father help birth the organization.

”If I didn’t have my parents that loaned me a car, then I would’ve lost my job. Then when you have a job loss, then you have housing loss, and then you have child loss, because you lose custody, so it’s just this downhill spiral, and it can come from just not even being able to afford one tire,” he said.

CMA’s Valley Dealerships Managing Partner Scott Simons said the Share the Love event happens nationwide, and for every car sold between the middle of November to the beginning of January, a certain amount is donated to the nonprofit of choice.

He said partnering with this local nonprofit came naturally since both have similar missions of providing transportation to the community.

”It’s an honor for us to represent a brand that cares about the community and cares about these nonprofits,” Simons said. “To be able to give an organization like that a check for $27 thousand is gonna impact a lot of lives, so it’s a very exciting day for us.”

Brown said as of January Giving Words has helped 115 moms.

Since its birth, programs have already begun to grow.

He mentioned that they recently added a buyback program that takes 2-door cars and donates them to a high school, so a student can go off to college with a vehicle. He said this is necessary since it’s difficult to get car seats in cars without back doors.

To donate or learn more about Giving Words, click here.

“$10 a month will allow us to take a mom through inspection, repair whatever needs to be repaired and have her in a safe car for 12 months. Someone who donates $50 a month will actually provide a car for a single mom,” he said.