Counselors push for supporting kids with mental health crisis

Published: May. 5, 2023 at 7:19 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Mental health issues are impacting how kids act, and licensed professional counselors like Krystle Landes know these issues don’t need to be overlooked.

“If a child is already struggling to verbalize their difficulty that they’re nervous, scared, or uncertain, then this pattern likely will continue,” Krystle Landes, LPC said.

Landes specializes in relationships and learned that behaviors in crisis root back to the pandemic.

Many children are experiencing grief, anxiety, and stress. Landes says a lot of those surround the ups and downs of relationships.

“There’s a knowing that they’re not going to see their peers are there in full of teachers really cared for them this academic year and having that conversation I think sometimes there’s this nervousness around bringing that up but just because we don’t talk about it does that mean it’s not there,” Krystle Landes, LPC said.

Landes says kids are learning how to communicate and identify emotions while navigating their world.

Moral and mental support involves helping the kids understand and communicate their emotions.

“Allowing that child to have that space that safe space to talk about it is so important for them to feel supported, and to know that that person whoever they’re talking to is in it with them,” Krystle Landes, LPC said.

Risks and concerns arise for children’s mental health with finals and summer vacation, so therapists push for supporting kids in their emotions. Landes says mental health developed at this age shapes the rest of their lives.