Filibuster Distillery in redemptive spirits for new whiskey release

Published: May. 27, 2023 at 7:05 PM EDT
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SHENANDOAH COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - Filibuster Distillery’s new bourbon whiskey has the spirit of the purity law. The success and growth comes with a smooth give-and-take in the process.

“We are distributing in 18 states and two international markets, so it just brings up a lot of responsibility now,” Filibuster Distillery Chief Executive Officer Sid Dilawri said.

This business that’s barreled with integrity has made changes since being charged $700,000 by Shenandoah County for dumping water in a stream a few years ago.

“Filibuster Distillery wants to be better and stronger with every new drink release. They invested in a chiller after the 2021 settlement so that the entire distilling process is done the right way.

Filibuster Distillery’s team feels like a community hub with the ingredients to make drinks all purchased from farmers in the area. Dilawri says investing in the chiller makes the business 100 percent self-sustainable.

“All the grains we get goes to the farmer and all the water while we use is a hundred gallons of glycol which we used in the system and it’s a closed loop system —nothing goes out, nothing goes in everything we just chill our mesh,” Dilawri said.

Forbes named Filibuster’s bottled-in-bond brand the best whiskey outside of Kentucky.

Dilawri faced his share of struggles as an immigrant to reach this milestone but encourages those who can relate to reaching for the stars.

“This is the country for dreams you can you can dream it and you can build it and you can make it happen. There are going to be obstacles. There are going to be people who I will take you down, but be strong because the majority of the people are good people here,” Dilawri said.

He describes the new bourbon whiskey as an exclusive medal of success.

“There are only 16 barrels we did for it, and this also celebrates the journey and dream of coming to America,” Dilawri said.

Anyone wanting a taste of his spirit is encouraged to be there for release day on June 4.