Staunton Fire/Rescue releases new app to help people in Staunton during health emergencies

Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 5:41 PM EDT
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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - Staunton Fire/Rescue partners with Pulsepoint to help people in Staunton during a life-threatening emergency.

The Pulsepoint Respond app is used in major cities like Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. The app sends critical alerts (like an amber alert would) to your phone when someone in your vicinity is in need of CPR. When the call is made to dispatchers, the dispatchers simultaneously alerts app users as well as Staunton Fire/Rescue to ensure life saving assistance can be administered as soon as possible.

The app also shows real-time updates of emergencies that Staunton Fire/Rescue is responding to. It tells specific times and what fire truck and ambulance respond to the call.

“The earlier someone can get CPR, the more likely it is to have a positive outcome,” Lt. Adam Nulty of Staunton Fire/Rescue said. “As a benefit, it really connects the community to local fire and ems units and gives them an opportunity to see what we’re doing in real time.”

Nulty said people can register as CPR trained, but don’t need to be CPR certified. He encouraged everybody to get a CPR certification, but it’s not a requirement to respond to these emergencies. He said people can watch YouTube videos, go to seminars or even learn from friends and family.

“The more people who are CPR certified, the more positive outcomes there can be,” Nulty said.

Along with the Pulsepoint Respond app, there is the Pulsepoint AED app that Staunton Fire/Rescue also uses. The app lets users register the locations of AED devices across the city and Lt. Nulty will confirm the location of the device and ensure it is properly working to be used during emergencies.

Nulty said AED devices can be used by anyone, not just medical professionals.

Both the Pulsepoint Respond and Pulsepoint AED apps can be downloaded on smart phone devices.