Harrisonburg High School hosts BioBlitz event

Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 4:06 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -Students from Harrisonburg High School partnered with the city’s Public Works office to help maintain a “Pollinator-friendly” environment.

The school hosted BioBlitz, an event that helps identify various forms of wildlife that pollinate plants and are essential to the upkeep of our ecosystem.

The program utilizes an app named iNaturalist to take and store pictures of plants, insects, and animals that contribute to that cycle.

It also provides information about specific pollinators.

“The pollinator plant is what feeds these insects and animals so that they can go through their life span, they can do their journey across where they’re migrating to. So, it’s great to have numerous pollinator plants out there.” Harrisonburg Landscape Supervisor Mike Hott said.

Harrisonburg High Environmental Science and Ecology teacher, Trevor Chase said the program has been impactful in getting his students engaged with biodiversity while having fun.

He said it’s showing them how they are a part of an ecosystem and how they can improve it.

“It’s creating positive memories with science for students that they can look back and think alright I went outside and I observed cool species of insects and plants. And often we don’t really break the four walls of the classroom, and so it’s an opportunity for students to do that as well.” Chase said.

The City of Harrisonburg won the annual BioBlitz challenge last year and is competing again this year.