Milder end to the week

All with our next system that will bring us rain
Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 7:53 AM EDT|Updated: 4 hours ago
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WEDNESDAY: Mostly clear with a light breeze. Partly to mostly cloudy for our West Virginia locations and still rather breezy for the mountains and higher ridges. Very cold. Lows into the low to mid 20s. Low spots in the Valley where the wind lets up, upper teens.

THURSDAY: A very cold morning with temperatures in the 20s and partly cloudy. Temperatures take a while to rise but this is the start of rebounding temperatures for the week. Still breezy at times for the day, mostly sunny. Highs in the mid to upper 40s for our West Virginia locations with a steadier breeze.

For the Valley highs around 50 and barely into the low 50s. Breezy at times. Clear into the evening and cooling fast with temperatures dropping into the 40s. Clear and very cold overnight. Lows in the mid to upper 20s. A light breeze for the area but windy for the Alleghenies.

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and cold to start. Temperatures rising into the 30s. Mainly sunny and even milder. Not a windy day. Highs into the upper 50s to near 60. Clear into the evening and chilly with temperatures into the 40s. Partly cloudy overnight and cold. Lows into the low to mid 30s.

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and chilly to start the day with temperatures into the 40s. The more sun, the warmer the temperatures will be in the afternoon. Still a very mild with afternoon highs into the low 60s. If we can get more sun then mid 60s would be possible. Not a windy day. Mostly clear and somewhat mild into the evening with temperatures into the 50s. Increasing clouds overnight. Turning breezy at times overnight. Lows into the low to mid 40s and temperatures likely rising a few degrees into Sunday morning.

SUNDAY: A cloudy and cool start with temperatures in the 40s. We may start dry initially in the morning and then rain fills in for the rest of the day. Turning windy in the morning so gusty showers. Somewhat mild but highs in the upper 50s. Fluctuating down a few degrees with rain at times. Heavy rain and gusty winds into the afternoon. Gusts likely 20-35mph at times. Overall right now we’re looking at 1-2″ of rain but details on the timing and how much rain will be updated.

Temperatures cooling into the late evening as the front crosses. Gusty winds and cooling fast west to east. Rain changs to snow for the Allegheny mountains only late evening and overnight. Elsewhere we will dry out, and cool down fast. Still windy but winds not as strong as earlier in the day. Lows in the low-mid 30s.

MONDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy to start the day and chilly, in the 30s. Much cooler behind the front. Snow showers for the Allegheny mountains only. Elsewhere turning partly cloudy and windy. A chilly day. Highs in the low to mid 40s. Winds settle with sunset. Mostly clear and a cold night with lows in the mid to upper 20s.

TUESDAY: A cold start with temperatures into the 30s. Plenty of sunshine and chilly for the day. Highs in the mid to upper 40s. A cold night with lows in the upper 20s to low 30s.

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