Finding WHSV on Antenna

In addition to cable and satellite systems, WHSV's family of channels is available for free over-the-air. The information below is intended to help you locate and enjoy these channels.

Gray Television operates two transmitters in the Shenandoah Valley. The first (with call letters WHSV) carries WHSV's ABC affiliate in high definition as well as standard definition broadcasts of MyValley and our CBS affiliate, The V. It is located on Big Mountain in Page County.
The second transmitter (with call letters WSVF) carries The Valley's FOX and our CBS affiliate, The V - both in high definition. It is located on Massanutten Peak in Rockingham County.

While these transmitters cover a very broad area of the Shenandoah Valley, your proximity to them will determine your ability to pull in a viewable signal. To do so, you'll need a television and an antenna. Some viewers may be able to pull in a signal using the set-top "rabbit ears" type of antenna. Others may require a larger rooftop antenna, which should be aimed in the direction of the transmitter you're trying to access. In either case, a signal amplifier may also increase your chances of pulling in a viewable signal.

Before going to the trouble or expense of installing a rooftop antenna, we recommend a signal test to ensure you'll be able to pull in a viewable signal. If you have questions, email
If you are a current satellite or cable subscriber but still wish to view our over-the-air signals via antenna, you may find the videos below helpful.