2 officers found responsible for woman's death in civil case

Published: Aug. 28, 2018 at 6:18 PM EDT
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A jury has awarded $800,000 to the estate of a woman killed by police while in a car with a violent crime suspect who had fired at officers.

India Kager was killed when SWAT officers tried to arrest Angelo Perry, a suspect in four violent crimes. Both Kager and Perry were killed, while their 4-month-old child was unharmed in the backseat.

On September 5, 2015, Kager drove Perry from Maryland to Virginia Beach. SWAT officers planned a vehicle takedown procedure against Perry. Perry was a known violent criminal, guilty of shootings, robbery, and homicide.

According to WVEC, officers believed Perry was about to commit murder that September night and believed Kager was driving him to the location.

When Kager pulled into a 7-Eleven, a police vehicle hit the back of Kager’s car, officers descended, threw a flash grenade and smashed the windows. Perry started shooting at officers and officers returned fire.

Edward Brady, who represented the Kager family in court, argued that officers gave no regard to Kager's life, despite knowing Perr was armed and dangerous, when they fired 30 rounds in 9 seconds into the car.

The plaintiffs also argued police knew it was possible there was a third person sitting behind Kager in the car but didn’t confirm before launching the assault. That person was Kager and Perry’s 4-month-old son.

The jury decided that two of the officers whose bullets were found in Kager's body were grossly negligent. The other two were cleared. The department is supporting all the officers, who weren't charged.

Deputy City Attorney Christopher Boynton said the officers followed the safest plan of action and when Perry fired, the officers had no other choice but to fire back.

that the money would come from the city of Virginia Beach, but may be held up by appeals.

The family originally sought $30 million in damages.