2019-2020 Winter Snow Analysis

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 7:34 PM EDT
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The winter season heavily disappointed for snow lovers or let the snow haters take a big sigh of relief.

A warm winter made snow very hard to come by. Consistent cold snaps did not happen very often, limiting snow this winter across our area. Here are snowfall totals versus what the WHSV weather team predicted. November was very misleading and was the opposite of what came for the actual winter season. In the last 40 years, November 2019 ranked the 9th coldest.

December was the 13th warmest December in the last 40 years. January, February, and March so far have cracked the top 6 warmest in their respective months.

Per Dale Enterprise, the Harrisonburg area received 3.4 inches of snow. That was not even close to the 20-30 inches of snow predicted by our weather team. Chief Meteorologist Aubrey Urbanowicz states that “we narrowly missed a big storm in January. The track was too far west, but it was an intense storm. Honestly about 100 miles southeast and that would have been a big one. Instead we had an inch and a half of rain.”

Other areas of note:

The Highlands estimated about 10 inches of snow. The prediction was for 30-40 inches of snow.

The Alleghenies estimated about 50-60 inches of snow depending on elevation. The prediction was for 80-130 inches of snow.

So what’s to come?

March 20-April 30 Snow Averages:

The Valley: 1 inch

The Highlands: 2 inches

The Alleghenies: 5-10 inches

Notable latest snow on record dates:

Harrisonburg (1939): April 30th

Staunton (1913): April 27th

Woodstock (1928): April 27th

Franklin (1954): May 27th

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