25th congressional district Republican debate held at JMU

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — On Tuesday night, a debate among Republicans who want to replace Delegate Steve Landes in Virginia's 25th District was held.

The Rockingham County Republicans and College Republicans at JMU invited the three Republican candidates: Marshall Pattie, Chris Runion and Richard Fox.

The three candidates debated issues like abortion, the second amendment and why they want to keep the 25th District red.

"What's different between me and my opponents is I don't have to promise to be conservative," Pattie said. "I don't have to promise to do things if I get elected to Richmond because I've been doing these things now for eight years."

"My values are developed from my lifetime here," Runion said. "I believe in limited constitutional government. I believe in personal freedom and accountability. I believe in free enterprise and I believe in faith and family."

"Being a farmer and what we've experienced is something that separates me from my other two opponents is we actually have had to fight government," Fox said. "We've been on the other end of government where we've experienced first hand what an over-bloated and overzealous government could do when it gets out of control."

Landes is running for Clerk of Court in Augusta County. Jennifer Kitchen is running as the Democrat.