Baby Jesus stolen from woman's Nativity scene for 2nd time

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- One house stands out for its Christmas decorations in a Knoxville, Tennessee neighborhood, but the owner said it's missing the most important part of the Christmas story.

"What would possess someone to take the main character out of my scene?" asked Vickie Staab.

That's the question Staab asked herself after she said a group of people took her baby Jesus from his manger for the second time.

"They did it last year, and they did it again this year," said Staab.

Staab said kids stole the figure Friday night, but left all other decorations intact. She said the prank is no laughing matter.

"They obviously need Jesus more than I do right now," said Staab. "What's humor to some, is hurtful to others."

Staab is one of many around the country who fall victim to baby Jesus thefts. Others made similar claims from as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as Texas.

Stabb said it's not the lights, inflatables or candy canes in her yard that remind her of Christmas. She said it's the birth of Christ that fills her spirit.

"He's the meaning of it," said Staab. "I mean, without Christ, there would be no Christmas."

Stabb also left the culprits with one of her Christmas wishes.

"Put him back and let us enjoy it for what it is or go buy you one," said Staab.