Police remove deer from roof of courthouse annex

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PARKERSBURG, W.V. (WTAP) — Police officers and state wildlife officials have killed and removed a deer that was running around on the roof of the Judge Black Annex of the Wood County Courthouse in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources describes it as a spine buck. It was spotted around noon Monday.

Jeff McCrady, Wildlife Biologist for the DNR in Parkersburg, says several options were discussed to remove the animal from the rooftop. At first, tranquilizing it was considered, but it was determined it could not be released back into the wilderness with drugs in its system.

"There were a lot of things we thought about and talked about, and none of them seemed to be the perfect solution," McCrady said. "It was just a very difficult situation to handle. No matter what you did, there would be a scenario where it wouldn't work out very well, but we had to do something. So we shot this deer."

The roof of the Donald F. Black Annex is adjacent to the Towne Square parking garage, through which officers believe the deer ventured to get to the roof.

While that location is an unusual place to find such an animal, McCrady notes there have been deer found before in Downtown Parkersburg buildings. He says one such example, years ago, was the basement of the old Sid's Furniture building on Market Street.

There was no disruption of traffic or business downtown during Monday's incident.