Cramer and Goodlatte settle their NDSU and JMU wager

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) — Two rivals had a friendly exchange this week.

While North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-ND- At Large) and Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA-6) get along just fine on the House floor, the football field is a different story.

Two of their beloved teams faced off in the FCS Championship. The NDSU Bisons defeated the JMU Dukes 17-13.

Normally, in a wager, the loser has to bring the gift, but both congressmen exchanged presents with goodies from each of their home states.

They promise they'll be back to face off again.

"It's put a spotlight on FCS football and it's put a spotlight on two programs that are more than just national champions every now and then. These are two great schools," Rep. Cramer said.

"They are great schools, but go Dukes!" Goodlatte added.

Both Congressmen said it was all in good fun, but when it comes time for next year's match-up, their game faces will be on.