Charlottesville runner beats 'joggling' world record

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WCAV) — Rick Kwiatkowski was so excited about breaking the "joggling" world record on Sunday, he dropped his balls right before he crossed the finish line.

"It was unfortunate," said the Charlottesville man. "I knew I was going to drop it."

The previous world record for "joggling," or jogging and juggling simultaneously, was running 50 miles in 8 hours and 23 minutes.

Dropping the balls or stopping during the attempt does not disqualify him, because the clock keeps ticking.

Kwiatkowski clocked in at 7 hours, 53 minutes and 55 seconds, which was also the same time he was able to sit down.

"It feels so good to complete the goal and finally beat the goal," he said.

He tried to beat the record last year at Charlottesville High School, but the heat got the best of him as he suffered from cramps.

After last summer's attempt, he remained determined.

"Try to set a goal that you think is a little tough and go for it," he said.

It wasn't just determination that helped him achieve his goal. There were dozens of volunteers that helped out, including his daughter Mary, who was the boss of the operation.

"We need someone to manage it all and I guess he trusted me enough to do that," said Mary Kwiatkowski, Rick's daughter.

Mary said there is so much that goes into breaking a world record, she is not afraid to become bossy to make sure it gets done right.

"I didn't want anything to be that mistake that messed up and was my fault, so I feel pretty good," she said.

She said "joggling" may seem strange to others, but these kinds of activities are what her father knows how to do best.

"It's just sort of the type of thing he does is go out and try to break these records and run these crazy distances," she said.

He may even deserve an Guinness beer to celebrate after pulling it off, but you can also consider him a mentor for the next Rick Kwiatkowski.

"I'm waiting for the next person to set a goal to help him with," he said. "I never have to 'joggle' again if I don't want to."

Kwiatkowski's attempt will have to be verified by Guinness, which could take months.