Driver in Kentucky nearly hits school bus head-on, charged with DUI

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PIKEVILLE, KY. (WYMT) — Police in Pikeville, Kentucky arrested a man Wednesday after witnesses said they saw him driving drunk.

Witnesses in Kentucky called police after they said they watched a man drive erratically and nearly hit a school bus head-on. / Photo source: WYMT

A witness called police to report a person driving erratically, crash into a ditch, get back on the road, drive in the wrong lane and then nearly hit a school bus head-on.

That witness called back later to say the driver pulled into a grocery store parking lot and stopped in the fire lane. A Kentucky Highway Department truck pulled in behind the car to keep it from leaving.

When police arrived, they found the car halfway on the sidewalk in the fire lane. Police said the driver tried to drive onto the sidewalk to get away but didn't have enough room.

The driver, Kevin Way Hopkins, was still in the driver's seat. Officers said he slurred his words, looked groggy and had pinpoint pupils.

Two witnesses told police they saw Hopkins' car go on the wrong side of the road and nearly hit a school bus. Another witness had several cellphone videos of the car weaving down the road and nearly causing several crashes.

Police charged Hopkins with driving under the influence and took him to the Pike County Detention Center.