Liquid blood, urine found inside 42,000-year-old foal scientist hope to clone

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(CNN) — An incredible find in Russia is sparking hope that an extinct species can be revived.

Russian researchers have found liquid blood and urine inside the frozen carcass of a foal that died 42,000 years ago in Siberia's Verkhoyansk region. / Source: CNN

The footage is from Russia's North-Eastern Federal University.

Researchers there discovered liquid blood and urine inside the frozen carcass of an ancient foal.

That foal died some 42,000 years ago in modern-day Siberia.

Mammoth tusk hunters discovered the foal embedded in permafrost last summer.

Researchers are now working with a controversial South Korean biotech firm to try and cultivate the foal's cells for cloning.

Russian officials admit their chances of success are quite slim.

The South Korean firm attracted headlines in 2004 after its lead scientist claimed to have successfully cloned human embryonic stem cells but later admitted his findings were fake.

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