Congressman Ben Cline talks about first upcoming 2020 presidential debate

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) — As Democrats descend on Miami, Florida, for next week's 2020 Presidential primary debate, Virginia Congressman Ben Cline (R) weighs in on the race from Capitol Hill.

Congressman Ben Cline (R-VA) talks about the 2020 Presidential race and what he expects to hear from the crowded field of Democrats at the first upcoming debate next week. (Source: GrayDC)

This is the first time the Presidential hopefuls will square off in the crowded field of Democratic candidates.

Ten candidates will take center stage on June 26, and the line-up includes Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Congressman Beto O'Rourke. The second night will feature the other ten candidates, including front-runner and former Vice President Joe Biden, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Below is a transcript of Cline's interview:

Alana Austin \ Washington, D.C.

(0:00 – 0:05)

“This is the first presidential debate of 2020. What are you expecting to hear?”

(0:06 – 0:21)

Rep. Ben Cline \ R-VA

“Oh I think it’s going to be a race to the left to see who can out-liberal the rest of the field and advocate for the most government, the most intervention in people’s lives, the most tax-and-spend liberalism and it’s going to be a real circus I think.”

Alana Austin \ Washington, D.C.

(0:22 – 0:24)

“How do you think Virginia’s going to play a factor in 2020?”

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Rep. Ben Cline \ R-VA

“Well I think Virginia has had a run of Democrats elected. Democrats on the left fueling their oats and willing to go even further left and that’s not the Virginia I know, so I don’t think there’s going to be much appetite for real socialist propaganda. But the President has done a great job. The economy is doing great.

Alana Austin \ Washington, D.C.

(0:45 – 0:49)

“Any Democrats though that are potentially going to be giving him a run for his money?”

(0:54 – 0:58)

Rep. Ben Cline \ R-VA

“They’ll always be competitive but people are happy with the current state of play and they’re going to want to keep the good times rolling.”

(0:59 – 1:01)

Alana Austin \ Washington, D.C.

“Any other thoughts you’d like to add on the race at all?”

(1:02 – 1:29)

Rep. Ben Cline \ R-VA

“Well I think that it’s going to be a very caustic Democratic primary where everybody talks about attacking Trump but we’re going to start seeing them – they’re not going to be able to help themselves – they’re going to have to start attacking each other, really they’re just going to show that they don’t have anything to offer, they have no real plans for the economy - no real plans to keep the success of the economy going, and ultimately that’s what’s going to be their downfall next November.”

(1:30 – 1:35)

Alana Austin \ Washington, D.C.

“Thank you Congressman for your time. I’m Alana Austin on Capitol Hill. Back to you.”