Car-sized asteroid hits Earth's atmosphere, but don't worry, everything's fine

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(CNN/Gray News) — It's like something you'd see out of a movie: A car-sized asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

Scientists say the car-sized asteroid likely burned up before making impact with Earth's surface / Source: MGN Image

Except everything is fine. The object likely burned up in the atmosphere, according to University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers caught the encounter through a weather satellite used to spot lightning.

On Saturday, June 22, a bright flash lit up the atmosphere about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico.

The image was far larger than your typical lightning strike, leading scientists to believe it was an asteroid about the size of a car.

The National Weather Service's radar in San Juan, Puerto Rico showed debris and air waves were detected from the blast.

Even though the object likely burned up, this is a significant development, according to scientists. That's because they showed telescopes can pick up something like an incoming asteroid and provide ample warning to move people away from a potential impact site.

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