Hollywood boycott of Georgia film industry over abortion law worries workers

(CNN) — "Avengers: Endgame" and "Black Panther" are just two of the blockbuster films shot in the state of Georgia.

Georgia's film industry makes a big impact on the state's economy. (Source: CNN)

But several Hollywood production companies are boycotting the state over its controversial abortion law.

Thousands who work in Georgia's film industry have also found themselves in the the middle of a political fight between Hollywood and the state's lawmakers.

When Georgia's Republican governor signed one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation, major film and television companies threatened to end productions in the state if the law goes into effect next year.

Stuntman Matt Scheib, who has worked on movies like "Avengers: Endgame," said he and many others in the industry are worried about the unintended consequences of a boycott of Georgia's thriving film industry.

"Most people are transplants from other places. so if work goes away, that creates a real issue," he said. "Just keep people working, keep the jobs here. Don't yank the rug out from all these people here."

Celebrities like Spike Lee and Alyssa Milano are calling for a boycott to defend women's rights.

It's a call that many women in the film industry agree with in principle, but disagree with in practice.

"Any major production that's come to Georgia, you name it, it's been shot here on Broad Street," said Kalena Boller, a location management specialist who helps companies find the best locations to film.

She said Atlanta has been used as a backdrop for everything from bank heist thrillers to the zombie apocalypse.

Fight - but in a different way - is her message to Hollywood

"Put money behind interest groups that support left-leaning policies ... instead of boycotting. Money talks at the end of the day, and I think that people who are conservative look at the bottom line a lot more," Boller said.

No matter where you stand on the politics of this, there is no denying money is also at the heart of the issue. That's because in Georgia, the state offers massive tax breaks to production companies and film studios.

And then, in return, Hollywood invests heavily in the local economy, investing billions and billions of dollars.

One of the facilities where you can see this massive investment, Blackhall Studios, is where the most recent Godzilla movie was filmed.

"I have really mixed feelings because boycotts can work," said Michael Mosher, department head of makeup for the TV show "Legacies." "Laws like this directly affect me because it may put my business out of state, but i always have supported a woman's right to choose."

Men and women across the political spectrum are urging the Hollywood power brokers to make a statement without hurting their jobs.

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