‘Women serve too’; Note left on veteran’s car prompts conversation among female vets

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INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. (WBTV) — A female veteran parked in a “reserved veteran parking” spot at an Harris Teeter in Indian Trail, North Carolina, says someone left a note on her car that was disappointing.

A social media post left on the Facebook neighborhood page "What's Up Indian Trail?" (Source: WBTV)

The woman wrote “Women serve, too” in part of a post on the ‘What’s Up Indian Trail?” Facebook page. She says after she parked in the reserved veterans’ space at the grocery store, someone left her a note – on what looks like a napkin – with the message, “R U A Veteran!” written in blue.

“It is disappointing to think there are people out there…but it’s reality. There’s going to be stereotypes everywhere,” Air Force veteran Mindy Mills said.

Mills is one of several other female veterans now commenting on the social media post, sharing their own stories of sideways looks, notes, even confrontations. One woman writes, “I very seldom use the spots but I have been asked twice by men if I am a veteran.”

Another commenter tells a story of someone following her into a store and yelling at her for parking in the space.

“I do go to the veterans’ hospital,” Mills said. “But I even get looks there. Like, ‘you couldn’t be.’”

She says, ask any woman who has served, and she has probably faced something similar.

“I don’t look like the normal, you know, ‘soldier,’” she said.

The person in the original post called the note-leaver ‘cowardly.’ Mills says, if you really have the urge, just ask.

“I will be happy to show you my ID,” she said. “Because I’m proud to serve.”

Because Mills doesn’t have a disability, she doesn’t always choose to park there. If she does, she says it is only for a few minutes, and only if there is another one left open.

“I did serve,” she said. “The least I could do is park there for a few minutes.”

And for anyone with a comment, look, or question, many of these women have the same message.

“If you want to, if you really have to, just ask,” Mills said. “You don’t have to be rude and leave a note.”

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