New documents shed light on investigation into surgeon charged with DUI

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) — WHSV's sister station, WDBJ7, is learning more about the Virginia surgeon who's been charged with driving under the influence after allegedly hitting a pedestrian.

WDBJ7 photo of crash intersection

Christiansburg police arrested Dr. Stuart Goldstein on January 4. Police say he hit a pedestrian on North Franklin Street near Walmart.

According to search warrants obtained by WDBJ7 Monday, police wrote Goldstein was the on-call surgeon for LewisGale Pulaski and that he might have been called into work.

They're collecting the phone records to find out if he was using his phone at the time of the crash. LewisGale has not yet confirmed that Goldstein was on call that night.

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Goldstein has retained attorney Jimmy Turk. WDBJ7 spoke with Turk over the phone Monday.

Turk believes evidence that led police to arrest Goldstein and charge him for DUI won't hold up in court. Turk said he believes a test that measured a .09 Blood Alcohol Content will be inadmissible, because the instrument used is not considered reliable. A later test that measured a BAC of .06 on Goldstein, Turk said, is the official result, one he said is from when his client was formally tested at the police station, though that is not explicitly stated in the arrest warrant.

According to officials with the Town of Christiansburg, Goldstein has not been charged with anything else. He was released from jail the night of the incident. There was no update from police on the victim's condition.

Search warrants reveal police are examining Goldstein's car for evidence. They are also collecting medical records for the victim to better understand how he was injured by the vehicle.

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