Miners block coal from leaving Kentucky mine after weeks without pay

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KIMPER, Ky. (WYMT/WSAZ) — Miners in Pike County, Kentucky blocked a train loaded with coal from leaving a mine in Kimper this week.

A group of men stood on the tracks leading from Quest Energy in Blackburn Bottom Monday afternoon.

A train loaded down with coal was stuck on the tracks. A CSX crew went to the tracks to get the engine and will leave the loaded train cars there.

Miners said they worked from Dec. 16, 2019, until now without getting paid. Those on the tracks say they will not go back to work until their paychecks are in their bank accounts.

WYMT was told more miners were on the way to work in their stead.

Parent company American Resources Corporation released the following statement Monday night:

"Some of the employees are behind 8 days and some 1 day on their pay day. They will all be paid as we don’t take this lightly.

They have been paid since the 16th, so we are not sure where that number is coming from.

We do not work men 17 hours as stated. We work a very normal mining schedule.

We value the employees greatly for their work and their future work.

Given challenging markets, we are focused on ensuring the longevity of the employment for all the men and women of our organization."