Cybersecurity experts ask people to avoid using public charging stations

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(WDTV) — When it comes to finding a charger for electronic devices in public locations, cyber security experts are asking people to be careful.

When using a charging station or public USB port, like those found in many large public facilities, like shopping malls or airports, experts say hackers can potentially gain access to information from the electronic device.

It's referred to as "juice jacking."

Scammers gain access to download malware to your phone, causing it to run slow or lose battery life more quickly.

To avoid this, do not using charging stations; instead, use your own charger with an AC power outlet or invest in a portable charger.

Cyber security experts also advise that you keep your phone up to date and make sure your devices are operating with anti-virus software. Many free versions are available on the App Store or Google Play Sotre.

One place charging stations are found in large numbers is on the WVU campus. This could potentially put thousands of students and staff at risk.

Cam Pampena, a student at the university said it's better to keep your own charger on you just to be safe.

"I generally carry a charger with me so that way I know it's going to be safe," Pampena said. "If I have to use a charging station, I just kind of look at it carefully, see if there are any little markings that tell you it's not a real cable or that it's something that could hack you," he said.

If scammers gain access to your phone, they can record or send private details such as passwords and addresses to thieves.