When to send your kid back to school after having the flu

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HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) — The flu season is having a record year across the country.

"This has been a busy season for the flu," said pediatrician Mary-Ann Phillips

And there are still several months left before flu season is over.

"The flu season is up till April and May, where we still see kids and adults with the flu," Phillips said

Last week, several counties in West Virginia and Virginia cancelled school due to flu outbreaks.

Susan Haslebacher is the head of school health for Monongalia County schools and their students. She says school nurses are seeing similar symptoms that lead up to cases of the flu.

"What the nurses are seeing are kids coming into the clinic with low-grade fevers, sore-throat, some body aches," Haslebacher said

To fight this, school faculty is taking extra precaution.

And once a student is treated for the flu, doctors say it is important they don't go back to school until their fever is gone.

"That means no fever for at least 24-48 hours, and no fever meaning not having to give them Tylenol or anything like that," said Phillips

But if you've managed to stay healthy, the flu shot is still an option.

For those who use the excuse that the flu shot makes them sick, doctors say that simply isn't true.

"You can feel a little fever, a little achey right after the shot, but that's very limited," said Phillips. "And even if you still happen to get the flu, with the flu shot, your symptoms are less."

Other than a flu vaccine, practicing regular hand washing is the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick this flu season.