Teacher writes children's book inspired by refugee students

Teacher writes children's book inspired by refugee students

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- A new children's book on refugees was inspired by students of an elementary school teacher in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Stone Spring Elementary teacher Lauren Pichon wrote the book, "Messages from Maryam," to help people of all ages understand the experience of refugees.

"Messages from Maryam" tells the story of two girls emigrating from Mosul, Iraq to the United States. The girls write letters to each other about their immigration experiences, time in refugee camps and what America is like.

Pichon said the book was inspired by her newcomer students and she hopes it will spread understanding.

"You're able to form such a unique bond with them and really help them, not only learn the language, but also how we act in school in the States and just basic life skills that you don't think about like counting money," said Pichon of her students. "As a refugee community, it's important that we understand that background so that we can embrace them and give them tools to cope with the change and help them."

You can find the book on lulu.com and it will be available on Amazon by the end of next month.

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