A look around the Harrisonburg International Festival

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- The 19th Annual International Week wrapped up Saturday in the Friendly City. People from all over the Valley came out to the International Festival which was held at Hillandale Park.

There was a lot to learn from many different cultures. During my time there, I was able to speak with a man who moved to the Friendly City four years ago from southern Turkey.

Tozhar Ahamed moved to Harrisonburg four years ago from Turkey. He said he has been a part of the international festivities here in the city all four years, so far he couldn't be happier to represent his Kurdish community.

"People in here are great, helping you out when you first come here," he said. "I got great friends helping me out to learn the language itself --and teachers, very good teachers here, so very good." He said he hopes there will continue to be more festivals like this across the country.

I also got see and taste some cool food from across the world. The festival allowed people to learn about many different countries such as Taiwan, Korea, and many others.

Mary Monts visits the festival every year. She said: "I love every year it expands. You feel like you're getting to travel around the world, they're so many cultures represented. Food is great the entertainment is great."

As people continue to learn more about different cultures from across the world, Tozhar Ahamed said he'll continue to keep learning about ours.