A recap of this year's rain and where we stand

2018 was certainly a year of rain. Harrisonburg and Staunton both recorded their second wettest year on record. Records have been kept at both stations since the 1800's. Harrisonburg recorded just over 63.50", while Staunton recorded just over 59".

Harrisonburg averages 117 days of rain per year. You guessed it, 2018 was higher with 153 days of rain. That's roughly 40% of the year seeing rain. This did not break a record though. The most number of days with rain in a year was set in 2003 with 185 days. The fewest per year, that was in 1941 with just 68 days.

Even if 2018 didn't break the record for the most days with rain, several other records were broken. You can check out our review of this year's weather on WHSV.com, as well as the WHSV Weather app.