Alzheimer's Association hosts caregiver workshop

Published: Jun. 8, 2017 at 11:16 PM EDT
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More than five million people battle Alzheimer's disease in the United States and a mission of the Alzheimer's Association is encouraging and educating the people who see the worst of the disease.

The annual caregiver and professional workshop at James Madison University was held on Thursday. The topic was "The person behind the disease."

The event focused on the lifestyle changes that go along with the disease.

Dr. Dean Hartley, the director of Alzheimer's research with Alzheimer's Association, offered practical ways to talk to and care for someone with Alzheimer's and also shared the latest research from the Alzheimer's Association.

"I think the excitement we're seeing with that is we're getting closer to some drugs that will actually slow the disease, even stop or prevent," Hartley said.

"Everybody knows somebody with this disease and we can't just sit around and wait to see what's gonna happen. We have to be proactive," said Ellen Phipps with Alzheimer's Association.

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