Red Cross reports 'critical shortage' of type O blood

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WEYERS CAVE, Va. (WHSV) — The American Red Cross said there's a need for type O blood donations after receiving below average donations this spring.

Type O blood is the universal donor blood type and the organization said emergency rooms have less than a two-day supply on hand. O-negative blood can be given to anyone and is used during emergencies when there is not time to determine a person's blood type.

The Red Cross said they have received more than 11,000 fewer type O blood donations over the past several months.

Some donors at the Weyers Cave Ruritan Club and AirCare5 Medevac Shenandoah Valley blood drive in Weyers Cave made a Power Red donation on Saturday. Power Red donating allows you to safely donate a concentrated dose of red cells helping more patients in a quicker time.

"I didn't know I was O-positive until I first gave blood, so then I realized there's a special need for the blood, Peggy James, a donor said. "That's why I enjoy giving it when they call for donations."

The Red Cross said those with type O who donate by June 10 will receive a $5 gift card to Amazon through email.

To find a drive going on near where you live click here.