Anicira looking for fosters for dogs

Published: Dec. 27, 2017 at 11:55 AM EST
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Many college students in the Valley volunteer at local animal shelters, but with so many away for winter break right now, shelters are struggling to find foster homes for dogs.

One local shelter is asking for others to step in and fill the need.

If you decide to foster, Anicira provides everything you need, such as food, leashes, collars, and dog beds. The dog just needs attention and love from you!

Anicira says the majority of foster volunteers are college students, and the animals can be neglected when the students are away.

"A lot of dogs who could be in foster homes hang out here at our adoption center and would really just love to be in a home instead of being here," said Laken Richer.

Laken is an animal adoption program manager with Anicira.

She says the amount of time varies depending on the dog, but they usually spend two to three weeks in a foster home.

Anicira is able to learn more information about dogs who spend time in foster homes; this way, they're more likely to fit in their forever home permanently.

"If a potential adopter would say, 'Oh, how do they do in a house?' or 'How do they do with kids or cats,' where in shelters they may not know that, because they may not be exposed to everything like that," said Richer.

They say having other pets or children does not disqualify you from fostering, and you can live in any kind of home.

To foster a dog through Anicira, you can fill out a form on

, and you will be contacted regarding your foster parent orientation.