Update: Anti-Trump protests block traffic in major U.S. cities

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NEW YORK CITY (WHSV) — Dozens of police guarded the entrance of Trump Tower as hundreds of protesters blocked street traffic and shouted anti-Trump slogans Wednesday evening. Reporters speaking with CBSN said a demonstration that started blocks away at Columbus Circle marched south and eastward in the 7 o'clock hour to rally outside Trump Tower on W. 57th Street in Manhattan.

NYPD car, file image - MGN

As of 8 p.m., there seemed to be a tense but contained face-off outside the skyscraper's entry: NYPD holding firm in a line along the sidewalk and protesters shouting —with some taxis, cars, and the odd bus in the street hemmed in by the crowd. On-scene video was not showing arrests or violent protest —just blocking traffic. At times, parts of the crowd shouted "we reject the president-elect," "f*ck the Trump," "pus*y grabs back," or "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go."

Social media reports showed an outbreak of anti-Trump demonstrations at several cities including Chicago and Seattle. Video from a Washington, D.C. protest showed a U.S. flag burning while a crowd clapped. Twitter videos showed crowds blocking some streets of several major cities. WWBT reported demonstrations in Richmond.

On this first day of such activity, there's no telling if this will grow into a weeks-long siege like 2012's Occupy Wall Street actions, or whether it will be a one- or two-day outburst.

Twitter videos embedded below are from (top to bottom) New York City (blocked traffic), New York City (chanting crowd), Chicago (confronting police), and San Francisco (crowd in street). The raw video has not been edited for possible profanity —viewer discretion is advised.

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