Anti-pipeline activists hold demonstration at Dominion Energy

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — About a dozen environmental activists took their anti-pipeline message to the doorsteps of the company behind the project Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Drivers passing by beeped, and a few jeered, as demonstrators opposed to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project held signs and chanted at Dominion Energy's offices on Technology Drive in Staunton.

"We're getting lots of honking and waving and hollering out the window that people are supporting us in the community," said Jennifer Lewis, the president of Friends of Augusta. Lewis also said the protesters wanted to show solidarity with activists against a pipeline project in North Dakota.

"We're willing to come out here and demonstrate to fight against the pipeline," said Bill Limpert, a Bath County resident who attended the protest. "We think it's a tremendous injustice to thousands and thousands of people along the route of the pipeline and the public in general."

In August, the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee released a timetable for an environmental review of the pipeline project. Dominion Energy referred to the step as a milestone.

"We all have different opinions, and our opinion is: we're obligated to supply energy to our customers," said Emmett Toms, an external affairs manager at Dominion Energy. "We have a lot of coal power plants that are aging out, don't meet environmental requirements; so we'll need to displace those. We're shutting those down and the fuel of choice these days is natural gas."

"It's a necessary and one of the safest forms of transportation for natural gas," Toms said.

Lewis said activists plan to meet again at Dominion's Staunton offices to protest the pipeline every Wednesday from 4:30-6 p.m. through September.