App that pays you not to text and drive is popular among young adults

The app was launched in 2017, and some students on West Virginia University's campus are using...
The app was launched in 2017, and some students on West Virginia University's campus are using it to make extra money(WDTV)
Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 3:14 PM EDT
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Texting while driving is something we all know is bad, but some of us are still guilty of doing it anyway

An app for mobile phones called OnMyWay says it has a solution to this problem.

The app is attempting to get users to stop distracted driving by paying them.

A lot of students from West Virginia University have jumped on this opportunity to make extra cash.

The OnMyWay website says it will pay 5 cents for every mile a user does not unlock their phone.

"It's a smart idea, might as well reward people if they're going to try to stop doing it," said Kelsey, a local resident.

The app claims people can still make or receive phone calls as long as the phone is connected to an in-car handsfree device, like Bluetooth.

The app's website also says the vehicle has to be going over 10 miles per hour for the app to count the miles.

However, the app does have some negative reviews. One user said the app has a good concept, but it is complicated to receive your money and the app's customer service is non-existent.

OnMyWay says the cash you earn will be sent to an online payment service like PayPal or Venmo, or you can have it transferred to a gift card.

So why do we need an app to make us stop texting and driving?

"It's just a habit, everyone now a days always has it in their hands. I don't know why, but we're all addicted to it," said Kelsey.

Morgantown residents have mixed reviews about the app. Some believe the app is a good idea to encourage others to keep their phones away while driving. However, others say it's shame you have to be paid to keep the roads safe.

Regardless, this app is increasing in popularity, especially among young adults.

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