April showers bring wonderful waterfalls

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PAGE COUNTY, Va (WHSV) -- April showers don't just bring May flowers; they also increase the flow of streams, enhancing the waterfalls in Shenandoah National Park.

The park has around 10 falls, most of which include fairly steep hikes. Rose River Falls is one of the more gentle hikes in the park, according to Park Ranger Patressa Kearns.

You can learn about all the waterfalls in the park at this link.

A lack of rain and snow this past winter may cause water levels this spring to be a little lower than normal. Kearns says most people wait too late in the year to come see the wonderful scenery.

"People like to come here and see the waterfalls in the summertime, when it's hot, but that's not the best time, so now's a really good time," said Kearns.

She added to make sure to have a good pair of hiking boots and poles so that you don't slip on the trails, which tend to be a little muddy this time of year. Safety is big for Park Rangers and they advise not going too close to the water because of slick rocks that can lead to potentially deadly falls.