Art educators from around Virginia meet at JMU

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Since Thursday, 500 art educators around the Commonwealth including in the Valley met at James Madison University to discuss, learn , and demonstrate new techniques art teachers use in the classroom.

The Artmobile travels around the Commonwealth to give Virginians everywhere a taste of the artwork on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.

This year the 2019 Virginia Art Education Association held their annual conference inside Hotel Madison, an opportunity Karin Tollefson-Hall, the site conference chair, said happens not very often throughout the year.

"Art educators in particular sometimes can feel kinda isolated in our buildings," Tollefson-Hall, said."It's because there might just be one of us especially at an elementary level so this is a really important time of the year."

Tollefson-Hall said the conference is a chance to showcase JMU's art studios and facilities but help teachers get fresh ideas.

At the conference educators could attend more than 100 different break out learning sessions. One of those was from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts that included their unique exhibit of art on wheels.

"We collaborated with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts so they brought they brought the Art on the go, which is a semi truck trailer with an art exhibit from the VMFA in the back," Tollefson-Hall, said. "They have a couple of sessions at the conference and then the truck is also opened to the public so anyone in Harrisonburg could go see the show over the last three days."

The Artmobile's next stop will be in Lynchburg at the Academy of the arts from Nov.15-17.

Next year the VAEA Conference will be held in the Tidewater region. Tollefson-Hall said the location schedule runs on a rotation but said hopefully the conference will return to the Valley in the next three of four years