Augusta County considers rezoning project on Springhill Road

Rezoning pending sign on the 33 acres of land on Springhill Road. | Credit: WHSV

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The Augusta County Planning Commission has a public hearing Tuesday, July 9, to discuss a request for a land rezoning project on Springhill Road.

Just about a quarter of a mile from the intersection of Springhill Road and Berry Farm Road, there is 33 acres of land that will be considered for possible rezoning — from general agriculture to rural residential.

Since Martin and Linda Lightsey moved to their home on Springhill Rd. in 1980, the land was used as a hay field.

Now, the Lightseys have bought that land and are hoping to have about nine houses built there, each with a minimum of two acres per lot.

Martin Lightsey is proposing that about 11 acres of that land be left alone.

"I think that what we're proposing here is very compatible with the neighborhood," he said, "and we'll be an asset to the neighborhood."

A planning commission staff report says the Lightseys' proposal does fit in with the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map and it would have little impact on the school system and neighbors. However, there are concerns about having enough water on hand in the event of a fire.

There are already issues with the amount of water in the area, and adding more homes would make that worse, but Lightsey has an idea.

"So, what we're proposing to do is to put in a 10,000 gallon storage tank," he said, "which in the event of a fire, could be pumped and used to fight fire."

The planning commission will consider these ideas at the meeting on Tuesday night to make a recommendation for the Board of Supervisors.