Augusta County Planning Commission votes to recommend denial of Spring Hill Rd. rezoning request

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The Augusta County Planning Commission met on August 15 to discuss the request to rezone just over 20 acres of land on Spring Hill Rd. in Augusta County.

Rezoning pending sign on the 33 acres of land on Springhill Road. | Credit: WHSV

The public hearing last month was continued to this week, to give the property owners, the Lightseys, more time to finalize ideas of how to meet fire flow standards.

The commissioners voted 4 - 2 to recommend denying the request of rezoning that land from general agriculture to rural residential.

At public hearing last month, there were some concerns uncovered by residents, like more traffic on the 262 intersection. However, VDOT noted that the development of the land, would have little impact on the traffic.

The ultimate concern, though, was not having enough water flow available in case of a fire emergency.

The Lightseys were still short of meeting those fire flow standards, despite his offer to put in a 10 thousand gallon tank.

Thom Jennings, the chairperson of the planning commission said they would like to see the property developed and think it will eventually be developed, if the fire flow standards are met.

The land owners are still able to bring other ideas to the board of supervisors, who will ultimately decide if the land can be rezoned.