Augusta County Schools are MAD 4 Disaster Relief

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Augusta County Schools are working to 'Make A Difference for Disaster Relief.' The schools and the community are gathering supplies to send to victims who were left with nothing after Hurricane Dorian.

Supplies that are being collected at Riverheads High School. | Credit: WHSV

This is the third year the schools have come together to help those struggling after natural disaster strikes.

They are taking donations of food, water and toiletries.

Each school has a list of items that they are specifically collecting through September 20.

"So, everything is delivered here at Riverheads High School, and we count it and we reorganize it, then we ship it to Danville to the God's Pit Crew and then they split it up into blessing buckets," Bayleigh Lee, senior at Riverheads High School, said.

Once everything is separated and packaged, the items go to communities in need.

They have collected thousands of items over the past couple of years and hope to keep the trend moving forward.

"If you put yourself in that situation where everything is gone, it's very important that somebody is there for you and gives you the items you need," Emma Staton, a junior at Riverheads High School, said.

List of items Augusta County Schools are collecting. | Credit: Tracy Cash